Is LabFellows lab management software free?

LabFellows incentives are aligned with customers, not vendors. LabFellows seeks to  provide top-tier technologies that place customers first, so we start our annual subscription service at a reasonable $6,000 per organization. On the other hand, companies offering “free” lab management softwares limit your choice of vendors and don’t support using your organization’s negotiated contract prices, so they can make a 30 percent commission on your purchases. For an average lab spending $300,000 per year on consumables and reagents, that means you’re actually paying $90,000 per year in hidden fees – that’s not free software!

Can I add my own vendors to LabFellows?

Absolutely. LabFellows maintains an open vendor network that gives you the freedom to deal directly with vendors and negotiate your own contracts.

Does LabFellows offer discount pricing from vendors I purchase materials from?

LabFellows has strategically partnered with some of the world’s largest life sciences associations, trade groups and other group purchasing organizations to offer their pricing options. Simply enter your membership information into our system and access your organization’s preferred vendors and discount rates.


Does LabFellows have access to my data?

As you know, up-to-date Information is critical to efficiently, effectively and safely running a lab. Without the latest information on reagents, pricing, compliance and other issues, there’s a good chance that problems will occur. LabFellows minimizes risks associated with lab management and administrative work by anonymously utilizing customer data to improve services and provide best practices. While customers maintain the rights, titles and interests in their data, LabFellows relies on customer analytics and data to provide insight into what customers need. Lab Fellows matches customer feedback to customer usage and analytics to maintain high-quality lab management services and products. For more information on  this topic, please visit our “Terms of Service” page.

Does LabFellows offer tracking on incoming shipments?

Yes. As long as your vendor’s electronic system shares shipping information, LabFellows platform will allow you to track incoming shipments from purchase to inventory. In some rare cases where the seller is not the direct manufacturer, LabFellows may not maintain the ability to send shipping confirmations.

How does LabFellows differ from SAP Ariba, SciQuest, Cambridgesoft, and Quartzy?

Competitor procurement software companies promote their own product lines and self-interests. However, LabFellows offers a neutral plug-and-play platform that focuses on serving the unique needs of life science organizations. LabFellows’ open framework encourages collaboration among software applications (and their competitors) with others, which creates a powerful, integrated system that covers more areas of lab management.

If we decide that we don’t want to use Lab Fellows anymore, can we get back our data?

Yes, LabFellows understands that it’s important to feel like you’re not locked into one system. It’s LabFellows’ company policy to remain neutral and make it easy for companies to export data in a friendly format and transition to a new system.

Is it safe to use LabFellows?

Confidentiality and data security is a top priority for LabFellows. All information transferred between your computer and our servers is encrypted using 2048-bit SSL certificates. LabFellows’ servers are located within the Amazon Web Services data centers, a state-of-the-art and access-controlled global cloud solutions provider. For more security information on these data centers please visit or

What steps do you take to prevent unauthorized access?

LabFellows uses a wide combination of security techniques consisting of network access control rules, strict password policies, transport-layer encryption, application-level and role-based authorization and strong-data encryption for your information.

What vendors does Lab Fellows currently work with?

LabFellows works with any vendor that has electronic or web-based capabilities. If your vendor does not, our customer success team will work with you to set up alternative solutions for connecting with your vendor.

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