A Solution for Every Lab

Whether you're upgrading an existing system, or starting from scratch, LabFellows can completely streamline your lab operations in a snap.

LabOps Automation Platform Options

With flexible deployment options, LabFellows has a solution for you no matter your operational requirements. Whether you’re adding an upgrade alongside an existing system, or need a complete, all-in-one solution, LabFellows can completely connect and intelligently automate any lab operation.


Build a complete system from the ground up using LabFellows as your end-to-end LabOps automation platform.


Choose your LabOps automations

Hit the ground running and choose from pre-built web and mobile applications for automating purchasing and accounts payables processes, invoice payments, inventory control, lab safety compliance, environmental monitoring, sample tracking, instrument automation, and more… all ready to go out-of-the-box!



Key Integrations

Connect your business and lab operations in the cloud with no coding experience and zero professional services required.



Easily scale from one user to global rollout

Start with automating your own work. Then invite other users and teams in your organization to fuse more automations across your organization’s business and lab operations. LabFellows Cloud centralizes connectivity and role-based access controls to let you quickly customize automations, permissions and approval workflows for a single site or enterprise-wide deployment.


Integrate existing system

Add mobile and cloud capabilities to your legacy systems. LabFellows FUSION technology supports any open API standard, allowing you to leverage your existing business and lab operations systems while replacing obsolete ones with current state of the art. For those who need multi-site solutions, this option delivers seamless visibility and control across all sites.

Modernize your LabOps with cloud and mobile

Connect LabFellows LabOps platform to existing applications you want to keep.

No Coding or Professional Services needed

Use our proprietary FUSION technology to plug-and-play new applications with existing ones to work together.

Built to Work With Trusted Tools and Partners You Use Everyday

Powered by FUSION API

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