Welcome to HomeLab powered by LabFellows Environmental, Health, & Safety Guide

If you are just joining our HomeLab Community, there are some Environmental, Health, and Safety requirements that all Fellow Companies must meet to operate within Federal, State and Local regulations. These regulations are there to protect workers, general public, and the environment around us.

While it may be an exhaustive list of items to do, we have made every effort to make it as efficient as possible for your Fellow Company by providing the resources to meet those regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to ehs@homelab.com or contact by phone at +1 (855) 959-1182. Here is a list of basic requirements that every company is required to meet

Environmental, Health, & Safety Operating Permits

Every Fellows Company, whether in our Accelerator or Residential programs, is required to have permits to ensure that they are operating in a safe and responsible manner with its Fellows, the Community, and the environment. The permit requirements are based on the hazards your Fellows work with, which may or may not fall under the scope of LabFellows HomeLab EH&S permits provided with your Fellowship’s EH&S Service Support level.

HomeLab requires all Fellow Companies to have or be in process of getting all permits for their Fellow Company within 30 days of starting wetlab work. Permits should be saved to your LabFellows Cloud workspace under Admin Dashboard > Documents > EHS Permits folder.

In order to find out which permit is required for your Fellow Company, please contact our EH&S Team directly.

Health and Safety Plans

Like permits to operate, Fellow Companies are required to have a set of plans to ensure that their Fellows know what to do when they are injured on the job, how to safely handle chemicals, potentially infectious materials.


HomeLab has developed and provides umbrella plan templates that cover the most basic functions of a life sciences research and development laboratory. It is the responsibility of each Fellow Company to customize and implement these plans. And to engage our EH&S Team for more advanced regulatory and compliance needs, such as GXP or HIPPA.


You can find details and plan templates here.


Training is an integral part of a Fellow Company’s Environmental, Health, & Safety Program. It covers the fundamentals knowledge that every Fellow need know in order to perform their job safely and within regulatory compliance.


HomeLab has created a series of core, online EH&S training for all member companies. These training are required for everyone who works in the lab or supervises anyone who works in the lab. Understand that these trainings are only applicable to working at HomeLab facilities. However, it is still the Fellow Company’s responsibility to ensure their Fellows complete trainings and work with HomeLab EH&S Team to customize to their own job-specific hazards.

All the training and their description can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to