Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Leverage scientific and business intelligence to make data-driven decisions in seconds with our powerful, built-in analytics and reporting features.

Budgets & Spend Dashboards

Know how your business and operations are performing to key performance indicators (KPIs) with concise, consolidated views to spot patterns and glean insights that can be used to define new goals and opportunities.

Finance and Management teams will love how simple we made managing budgets and tracking spend across teams and projects.


Access your data and analytics easily. View create, save, and export customizable reports on-demand. Rollup pivot tables and summarize lab insights that drive your strategic and investment decisions.

Share Your Data

Easily export order and inventory data in popular data formats such as CSV, Excel, QBO, PDF, and more. Plus -it's simple to use our built-in filters to create custom exports formatted to upload to your existing systems.

Or use our FUSION API to sync and share data natively and avoid data getting lost in translation.

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