Do More Science.

Science businesses of all sizes, from new startups to public companies, use
our software to order supplies and automate lab operations.

Old Way

Doing Science as a business shouldn’t be this hard

Mundane lab admin tasks

Lost R&D hours

Delayed time-to-market

Cost of Losing Valuable Research Time

Average Life Science company

Cost of Delaying $1B Drug to Market?

New Way

Streamline lab admin work, do more science.

Launched eProcurement Platform for Science

Automate workflows buying regulated materials

  • B2B Integrations w/ all your suppliers

  • Trigger approval chains

  • Digitize compliance records

  • Track and audit inventory

  • Execute POs on-platform

We Rapidly Broadened Our Value Proposition

Ordering tool System of Record

Self-service B2B integrations

Collaborative controls & compliance

Lab Ops data and analytics

Our FUSION Technology

Integrations across business and science

What Burdens Scientists?

Industry Spends $147K/YR In R&D Per Employee

Scientists lose 17 Hours of valuable research each week to lab management tasks:

  • Taking inventory with spreadsheets
  • Finding misplaced materials, samples
  • Browsing websites to buy new products
  • Typing orders in accounting system
  • Chasing management for approvals
  • Tracking down POs from procurement
  • Shipping & receiving chemicals and reagents
  • Complying with environmental, health & safety regulations
  • Scheduling instrument upkeep… and more!

$2.2M/YR R&D Lost Annually Per Company

2300 Customers Use LabFellows Today

From Small Teams to Public Companies

 Stephen Connelly

Stephen Connelly

Chief Science Officer, Equillium

"Serendipitous executive connections, a high-value partnership with a leading Indian biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, and access to HomeLab @ Torrey Pines powered by LabFellows made the unconventional path to our $65M IPO in 19 months possible.”

David Lambert

David Lambert

Managing Director, Right Side Capital Management

“LabFellows is one of our most exciting investments because they have the potential to become the operating system of the life sciences lab space. The company is adding new layers of efficiency and functionality into a large niche market that almost nobody else is focusing on, and what makes them so exciting is that they add value to almost every player in the life sciences ecosystem.”

Wayne Green

Wayne Green

CSO, Frameshift Bioscience

"Lab Fellows is a strategic partner. From our lab setup all the way to maintaining EH&S compliance has been completely turnkey."

Antonio Lamb

Antonio Lamb

COO, MicroSynbiotiX

"The platform has been really excellent. We're spending more time on our research, and less managing spreadsheets and vendors."

Deepankar Roy

Deepankar Roy

Chief Science Officer, Venomyx

"LabFellows integrates and enhances our experience from the requisitioner all the way to the receiving and inventory systems."

Jimmy Jackson

Jimmy Jackson

Senior VP of Public Policy at Biocom

"LabFellows provides more efficiency for researchers."

LabFellows was founded in 2014 and is currently
based in San Diego, CA.

LabFellows is a scientific procurement and workflow automation platform enabling scientists and their teams to do their life’s best work. LabFellows integrates and automates workflows across a supply chain supporting more than 265,000 R&D labs around the world. It enables scientists to focus on their scientific work by taking care of the administrative lab work and management tasks such as procurement, inventory, and lab compliance. LabFellows also centralizes your vendor management, lab spend purchases and authorization processes.