APIs & Integrations

APIs & Integrations

Our Life Science APIs and open framework integrates with systems you already use and trust. From accounting and invoicing software to project management, barcoding, and HR tools, FUSION brings them all together.

Easy-to-use Developer Tools

With our proprietary FUSION API you can quickly integrate and automate workflows across business and science teams. Get started now and automatically generate API keys within the LabFellows platform.

API Documentation

Our documentation clearly outlines available endpoints, including viewing, searching, and managing inventory and order data.

Get Started With Our Open Source Scripting Templates

Automate recurring purchases with min/max reorder points

QuickBooks Integration


...and more!

Plug-n-Play your Favorite Tools and Partners you Use Everyday

LabFellows FUSION integration engine lets you customize a complete solution that works with all the systems and tools you need to run your LabOps.

G Suite

Synchronize and manage your LabFellows users directly from the G Suite. Use the G Suite Single Sign-On (SSO) to securely sign into your company’s LabFellows workspace.

Active Directory

Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication with Microsoft’s Active Directory for users to easily and securely sign into your organization’s LabFellows workspace.

Office 365

Sync and manage your LabFellows users directly from Office 365. The first sync will import users, and users will continue to sync on an on-going basis when you add/remove users.

QuickBooks Online

Sync and share your purchase orders (POs), invoices, and vendor information in real time with your finance team in QBO.


Sync with your online accounting system to communicate accurate accounting data with your finance team.


Integrate NetSuite ERP with LabFellows lab ops platform to work with the system you already use.


Sync with your online accounting system to communicate effectively with your Accounts Payable team.


Slack integration allows users to communicate within Slack using our APIs and can also tie into our notification tools to advise users of specific events.


Easily synchronize your online meetings and training of your customers or team with Zoom integration


If you use Zendesk for internal ticketing & help desk, tickets you can integrate it to LabFellows lab operations platform.


Sync cameras to have full visibility of your lab operations from anywhere.


Sync access control, text doors open for vendors and oversee their work from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Rhombus systems

Connect LabFellows to Rhombus’ video solution to track access events and easily identify when an unauthorized person accesses an Entry

Cisco Meraki

In development, integrate LabFellows with Cisco Meraki’s smart cameras to associate real-time video

Ubiquiti Networks

Sync and customize your IT operations within minutes with LabFellows


Sync with BioInnovation Center mentors, advisors, and customers that joined together to form the Incentive Consortium for BioInnovation Organizations.

HomeLab App

Synchronize Labfellows Platform with HomeLab App designed to be the perfect companion to your coworking experience, giving you access and control in one place.


Integrate with HappiLabs to have help from Virtual Lab Managers to manage your lab shopping and finances.

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