About LabFellows

LabFellows is a LabOps Automation Platform that allows lab operators and their teams to have visibility and control of their operations, to focus on doing their life's best work.

Our Mission

Helping labs do life’s best work

Who We Are

LabFellows gives visibility & control of your lab operations from anywhere, supporting more than 265,000 R&D laboratories worldwide. It allows everyone in the lab to focus on their work by streamlining and automating LabOps such as purchasing, payments, e-procurement, inventory and compliance control, all in one place. LabFellows also centralizes supplier management, laboratory expenditure and authorization processes.

Julio de Unamuno IV, Co-Founder & CEO at LabFellows

“When we first started out, LabFellows operated biotech co-working lab spaces. However, as more biotech startups joined us, many had founders coming from universities or Big Pharma where they never had to worry about managing lab operations like setting up vendor accounts or handling inventory. As we began to expand, we had to build tools to make our own lives easier because nothing in the market fit the job in helping manage lab operations. 

As those companies using our co-working lab spaces began to grow and secure their own lab space, they began to ask us if they could take our software with them. Once word got out to the mass market, labs all over began reaching out wanting to adopt our technology.”

Our Journey So Far

Founded in 2014 La Jolla, California

Started as coworking lab space

Became de facto lab managed startups, developed tools to make our own work easier

Launched our eProcurement Platform: Automate workflows buying regulated materials

First FUSION*- API Platform: Integrate and automate workflows across business and science teams.

LabOps Automation Platform: Run your lab securely from anywhere.

LabFellows Today

Old Way

Doing Science as a Business shouldn’t be this hard

New Way

Automate & Streamline Lab Operations, Do More Science.


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