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Our story started when we noticed how much was missing from the LabOps experience. What was out there didn't scale, looked awful, and was overpriced. The moment we went all-in on automations, we knew we were onto something big.

Setting the Standard for Lab Operations



LabFellows was created by a team of lab operators housing over 300 biotech startups who were tired of faxing orders to life science suppliers and emailing scientists with status updates, frustrated with having to maintain inventories on spreadsheets and compliance records in shared folders, and seriously worried about manual business processes causing delays in taking scientific breakthroughs from lab to market.


We’ve worked extremely hard to build a company that can offer a new, smarter LabOps system that takes advantage of novel technologies, and makes people feel more connected to and in control of their labs from anywhere. LabFellows Cloud is the flagship product in our mission to improve the health and performance of the modern labspace through automation.


Help labs do life’s best work


For Lab Operators who do not want to compromise on visibility & control for technology, LabFellows is intelligent automation built for the modern science business so you can focus on doing life’s best work.

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