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Providing Total Managed Lab Solutions to the Life Science Industry


Allowing Scientists to Focus on Their Research

Focus on Your Research

Total Managed Lab Solutions — LabFellows provides Clients with full service Concierge Support for every request. Once a request is submitted, our team goes to work creating a complete packaged solution. This ensures that our clients can begin work on Day 1 with everything ready and available.

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Flexible and Customizable Solutions

LabFellows provides both Shared and Private Lab solutions customized to best fit our Clients’ needs.

Our Shared Labs are multi-Client, multi-workflow environments where Clients share resources within the lab. Shared Labs are ideal for Benchmark Studies, Generating Proof-of-Concept data, Method and Protocol Development, and Performing Contract Work.

Our Private Lab Clients receive all the benefits of a Shared Lab, but the space is fully dedicated to them. All Private Lab Clients receive access to LabFellows Shared Labs during this transition period.

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Benefits of LabFellows

Total Equipment Management – Never worry about equipment up time, calibrations, etc

Worry-Free Consumable Program – LabFellows takes care of all the sourcing and ordering.

Lab Health and Performance Monitoring – Know the conditions of the Lab at any point in time.

24/7 Concierge – Missing something? Need an equipment workflow change? We have you covered.

About Us

Why did we start LabFellows?

After observing the inefficiencies and stagnation of the biotech industry, we began asking ourselves “Why?” Despite an increased need for new drug development and testing, the biotech industry — especially in terms of startups — has become relatively stagnant. Drug development costs are increasing exponentially, the Food and Drug Administration‘s new drug application submissions have seen minimal growth in the past 50 years, and the majority of recent groundbreaking published discoveries fail reproducibility studies. And things aren’t improving.

With high equipment and lab costs making research space unattainable for most and investor funding only going to top players, there is little room for biotech startups to thrive. We realized that in order to further biotech breakthroughs we needed to revitalize the industry and bring the focus back to the science and research. This is why LabFellows is focused on bringing science back to the lab bench.